Witches of Winter Haven

Winter Haven was a sanctuary for the magically inclined. A town apart from the rest of the world where witches were safe from those that meant them harm. Can one little spell change the course of the little witchy town?

Wing Witch

Sookie was a goddess in the kitchen, but a mediocre witch at best. Her spells seemed to take on a life of their own, to often hilarious–usually harmless–results. She just wanted her wings to be tastier. It was only a little spell, a few herbs and spices added to the sauce, a little rhyme to bind it together, and just a taste of razzle dazzle. Instead of bringing customers back for more finger-licking goodness, she found herself with a shifter problem. Specifically, a sexy, horny and tad bit geeky soul mate, who just wants to love her (and, ahem, love her). Worst part? The spice seemed to have settled in her girly bits, which sets them and her soul on fire every time she sees him.

Roman, a maine coon shifter, was without a cluster or a place in the world. When the mating call hit him between the eyes, he heeded it instantly. His body was burning for his one true mate. If only he could convince her to give him a chance.

Something is disrupting the careful balance holding the spells in place that keep the town safe. Eyes are pointed at Roman and the other supernatural beings who have begun settling in Winter Haven, and the call to kick them to the curb comes all too soon. Can Sookie learn to accept her mate’s claim and heed the call of their bond? Will Roman lose the one connection he has left? Can love win the day and set about righting the wrongs, or are they destined to be star-crossed lovers? And what will happen to Witchy Wings, stuck in the middle of all of the chaos? Cause all Sookie wanted to do was show people nerdy girls can make hot sauce too.